Yotta Interview On How To Grow Your Instagram

Bastian Yotta billionaire, playboy and software developer speaks exclusively to us about how to grow your Instagram account from zero to seven hundred thousand plus followers let’s get started.


So let’s talk about how to gain real Instagram followers rule number one you have to switch your private account into a business account. Why? because you just need this valuable insight that Instagram is providing. For example where are your followers coming from how to know which audience you have to approach, the age range and even which and very important which hours a day are the best to post because sometimes people just don’t see a post and he wants him to engage even the days what are the strongest days what are the weakest days how many people came from a hashtag.


Here’s the second point you use hashtags and just try it, trial and era, trial and era, trial and era you use some hashtags like #motivational like #sports like #Fitness whatever then you see in the insights of the post how many people came actually from the hashtags. If  it says just a small percentage then change the hashtags. You can change it, you can adjust,  you can measure it, adjust, measure, adjust, measure and that’s all about.


Second thing, or third thing, motivate your existing followers to tag some other people in the post in the comments for example you can give out or giving away some little things, like a little present or like some additional services and that hey tag three of your friends and you get this or you can win something because then if every follower takes three more people you increasing your following dramatically.


Forth thing work with big accounts make shout outs with them and say hey can you shout me out. I send you pictures and just tag me in this picture and shout me out for four hours. So you make a collaboration with big accounts and the last advice and the most important one.


You have to have something what people are interested in. If you have just a boring account of boring pictures in a boring message nobody will ever care. So find something people want to see, people want to hear and people want experience. Then you will grow all the best Mr. Yotta from Yotta life.


Love him or hate him Bastian yotta gives a lot of spare time to charities and the less fortunate the proceeds from this video have gone directly to one of his favorite charities or to one of his charitable causes. You can get access to Bastian Yotta by his premium snapchat Channel. I think access to that cost around two dollars per month hardly a revenue raiser for somebody with so much money so again it’s just another way that he’s giving back to the broader community.


Bastian again thank you very much for giving your time to this.


For more of Yotta you can find him at:

Snap: yotta-life
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MisterYotta/

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