What Is Google Knowledge Vault?

The Google Knowledge Vault sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. However, this base of information is very much a real thing. It was created by Google to be a source of information.

So what is Google Knowledge Vault? At its core, is a base of information. It contains well over a billion facts that Google has automatically gathered from various places.

If you want to know more about the Knowledge Vault and how it works, keep reading. Soon, you’ll know everything about this incredible information database.

The Anatomy of Google’s Knowledge Vault

Google Knowledge Vaults main components:

  1. Extractors – extracts triples  (predicate, subject, object) from large data sets and assign confidence scores.
  2. Graph-based priors – learning from existing knowledge bases
  3. Knowledge fusion – final score on factual probability

By combining the existing Google knowledge bases and data from their own extraction processes Google researchers have managed to reduce the amount of fact uncertainty as illustrated below in this graph:

Where Does The Vault Get Its Information?

The information found in the vault comes from a number of structured and unstructured sources. The goal of the vault is to accumulate facts from across the internet.

The structured sources include sites like Freebase and Wikipedia. These sources are specifically chosen because they have a high level of accuracy.

The unstructured sources come from all across the web. Some of these sources are inaccurate, which means that information in the vault isn’t always going to be accurate.

Why Did Google Create The Knowledge Vault?

The vault was created by a Google Research team. It wasn’t intended to be a product delivered to Google users. Instead, it was created to see what Google was capable of.

The intent of this project was to create a fact-gathering bot. The research team wanted to see what it could find. The product appeared to be a major success.

Why Do People Think The Vault Is A Product?

A lot of people assume that Google specifically created the Knowledge Vault for their users. In many cases, people have this belief because of how the knowledge bank was reported on at the time. Many news sites simply mentioned the existence of the bank, and left out the details of its creation.

Google has made it clear that this is a research product and not something that is in active development. With that said, it is very possible that Google might capitalize on its vault of information at some point in the future.

What Is Google Knowledge Vault Going To Be Used For In The Future?

As mentioned above, the Vault isn’t a product in active development by Google. However, the research that they have done with the bot has a number of different applications.

What could the Knowledge Vault be used for? To start, it could help Google to hone and improve their search engines. Google is regularly updating the algorithms that they use in their search engines. Their goal is to deliver the most accurate results possible to their users.

Google can look at the various facts that their Vault has gathered and check to see which ones are accurate. This can give them a better idea of how reliable their sources are.

It can also help them to improve their code. While Google employs some of the most talented coders working today, there is always room for improvement. If there’s an issue with the Vault’s information gathering, Google will be able to find it, correct it, and avoid similar problems in the future.

While the Knowledge Vault isn’t something that Google intends to release as a product, there are clearly many things that Google can learn from it.

When Was The Vault Updated?

We know very little about the Vault and any updates that have been made. Google released their research paper regarding the Vault in 2014, and any information that people have comes from that time.

It is possible that Google hasn’t updated their Vault at all. With that said, it seems unlikely that Google would ignore a potentially useful resource.

One of the reasons that Google is so successful is that they are always capitalizing on their past successes. They build upon the things that they have done in the past so that they can reach even greater heights. It’s possible — and even likely — that they are going that with the Knowledge Vault.

When Will We Hear More About The Knowledge Vault?

Google has been tight-lipped about their Vault, and it is likely that things will stay that way. Unless Google decides to release a product that is based on the Knowledge Vault, it will remain something they use for internal research.

Anyone that is interested in the Knowledge Vault should take the time to read the paper that the research team released. That paper is full of interesting information, and it should answer a number of questions.

What is Google Knowledge Vault? It’s a database, a research paper, and so much more. This fact-mining machine is many different things to many people. It is a project that captured the attention of many people, even though Google hasn’t said much about it. This knowledge bank is definitely something that people would like to learn more about.

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