The Top 7 Landing Page Design Tips

Landing pages can have a big impact on the health of a site. They’re an excellent way to draw in search traffic, and they can dramatically improve your lead generation.

With that said, simply creating a landing page isn’t always going to be enough. If you want to experience all of the benefits of a landing page, then you are going to want to make sure that the page is well designed.

If you don’t know how to create a great landing page, you should read over these 7 landing page design tips. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to put together perfect landing pages with ease.

1. Include All The Essential Elements

There are certain elements that every landing page is expect to have. The pages you create should all have a title that clearly explains what the page is for. The page also needs to have at least one sub-headline.

You’ll want at least one supporting image on your page, images draw in the eye and can help to break up a block of text. You’ll need to have a clear description so that people know what they are looking at. You’ll also need a call to action, make sure anyone that is visiting the page knows what they should be doing next.

2. Remove Navigation Tabs

On most sites, there are navigation tabs that appear at the top or the side of the page. These tabs allow people to find the content that you want them to see.

However, if someone has stumbled upon your landing page, you don’t want them to click away from the page and go somewhere else. You want them to stay on the page they are at.

Because of this, you should make sure that your landing pages are free of any of these tabs. This will give the page a less cluttered look, and it will make it easier for you to convince visitors that they should sign up for services or provide essential information.

3. Keep It Simple

While all of these 7 landing page design tips are useful, this step is the most important one. You should make sure that you keep your landing page nice and simple. If the page is over-designed, people are going to be turned off.

Minimalism is a major trend right now when it comes to web design. Studies have shown that people are turned off by cluttered pages, especially when they are viewing those pages on their phone.

If your page has a lot of design elements right now, then you are going to want to try to tone things down a bit. Simplify the site as much as you can. If you are able to get rid of unneeded content, you will be able to ensure that visitors see the things that you want them to see.

4. Focus On The User

You should always try to create a site experience with the user in mind. If the people that are using your site are able to have a pleasant experience, then your site is working the way that it is supposed to.

In addition to creating a user-friendly design, you should focus on the user when you are introducing offers. If you want the user to accept an offer or sign up for a service, you should focus on the way that the offer will benefit them.

I use mapping software to determine where the users are clicking through to and where they are looking, this makes it much easier to put the right content in the right places.

A view on what your website traffic is clicking on

5. Always Encourage People To Share

In this day and age, a lot of web traffic comes directly from social media. You should try to encourage the people that visit your landing page to share it with others.

You can make sharing a lot easier by adding small, unobtrusive share buttons to the page. You may want to add the buttons to the bottom of the page. That way, people won’t have a reason to click away from your page.

6. Don’t Ask For Information You Don’t Need

While you will obviously want to ask for some information on your landing page, you won’t want to ask for too much information. If you request too much information, a lot of people will refuse to provide you with any information at all.

There is no reason to request information unless you absolutely need it. If you’re just asking for something simple, like an email address, you will be able to get a lot more sign ups if you don’t demand any additional info.

7. Create Multiple Landing Pages

Studies have shown that companies see a boost in leads when they have more landing pages. Once you’ve figured out how to design a single landing page, you can apply that expertise to multiple landing pages.

The layout of a landing page can have a major impact on its performance. However, once you have the basic layout down, you should try to create numerous specialized landing pages.

Landing pages are one of the most fundamental components of an inbound marketing strategy. You shouldn’t have to rely on one single landing page, you should have plenty of pages that are generating leads for you.

Now that you have looked over these 7 landing page design tips, you can start improving the landing pages on your site. Landing pages can be extremely valuable, and they are definitely something you will want to devote attention to. A well designed landing page will be able to do a lot for you.

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