Hi everyone I’m Rod Davies and welcome back to another 120. Today I want to talk to you about starting to market an Instagram account. So yesterday I had a conversation with a colleague of mine who had started their own Instagram account that made I think 20 posts. Nobody was following and they were following nobody.

When I had a deeper look at their profile their They their profile picture set but in the descriptions of their posts they weren’t descriptive enough for it to actually catch anybody’s attention. In addition to that they were following nobody

When you’re starting out without using software I think you can’t be done quite easily with content, with the right content for your site. But more importantly you have to let people know that you exist and the best way to do so that is to start following other people. The best people to follow are similar niche orientated people, so if you’re in a business niche then you want to fight people in the similar niche’s to you. If your in sport you follow sport if your in gym’s you follow people in gyms etc.

That will make people aware of your brand and aware of your posts and when you’re creating your post try to make it as informative as you can. I generally try and stick to about four – five sentences, don’t get to hashtag heavy read your post or always try and insert a couple of hashtags in your post but obviously don’t go crazy. We see it quite often where people put in 15 20 hashtags and those days are over. They no longer work for your post, you won’t get traction from it and in fact you’ll actually end up being penalized for it.

That’s my 120 for today, obviously there’s a whole range of questions that you can ask on this post. Feel free to do so in the comment box below.