Grow Your Email List Using LinkedIn

It’s pretty easy. You log into your account, go to My Network -> Connections, and then look for the “manage your synced and imported contacts”


Now, as you may have guessed, I’m writing this article because I don’t want you to take this list of contacts and import them into MailChimp. That would be unethical and potentially illegal. So why did I just tell you essentially how to do it?

Because, like so many other tools (Auto DMs, anyone?), the tool itself isn’t the issue. It’s how it’s used.

We’ll circle back in a moment on how to use this list. But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with regard to why it’s not a good idea to import addresses into MailChimp.


Let’s not forget anti spam legislation’s combined with your email solution’s “Terms Of Service” don’t allow importing of email addresses of people who have not opted into your list. But their is a way to get around this.

The best method when using LinkedIn is to use their Messaging to contact people. his for me is the beginning of my NEW relationship. I start by making contact with those who have already engaged with my content in some way. It could be either one of my posts, comments or links that i added.

These people are already interested in my content, so it’s easier to start communicating. Send each person a connection request and then follow it with the simple message:


“Thanks for liking / commenting on my post / article etc. I would like to share more of this with you can i email you?”

Once you get the “YES” scroll through your new linkedIn database and add find the exact match email and filter them into an approved email list.

Their it is, simple and fast. Please don’t use this technique for spamming, it will only result in you losing your audience. The entire purpose of any email list is to make sure we continue to grow our audience of interested listeners.


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