Extensive Keyword Research

marketing PromoteSem’s keyword research process allows our team to uncover vital statistics on markets search trends and increase your overall ROI of each campaign. Our research team knows the exact keywords that your competitors are spending the largest portions of their budgets on. This allows Promote SEO to identify high performing words to add to your campaign. We continue this process each week as we add more keyword phrases to your PPC campaign.


Bidding Management Strategies

I’ve seen lots of companies spend $10,000+ on non-converting keywords. Promote SEO’s advanced dynamic strategies team constantly remove non-performing keywords and replace them with keywords that do. Promote SEO does this on a daily basis, Our experienced PPC marketing professionals make sure your valuable dollars are best spent every day.


Landing Pages

Often the most common error businesses make regarding Google PPC marketing, is what web page they should send the traffic to. Promote SEO can create landing pages that are specific to each of your keywords. We create each page to focus around the conversion of the sale and capturing key information about the client. The emails that are captured can be placed into an auto responder and newsletter campaign. This simple engagement combination can increase the ROI of a campaign by three fold.