Building Successful Websites Ready For Mobile Devices

Hey everyone, I’m Rod Davies the PromoteSEO expert. Today I want to talk to you about new websites and in particular testing them on mobile devices before you give them to the public.

What I often see is a lot of new website owners coming to us, asking us to get them ranked high in Google or show their ads at number one Google for what they do or what they sell. When we do that we start to do an audit over the website for all our clients before we do any work, that’s when we discover their ultimate mistakes.

It’s so important to rank high in Google but it’s even more important to have a website that works best for you. Now when I say that I’m saying that from two perspectives. The first point being a lot of new websites owners fail to make sure that the contact form on their website is working properly. They don’t test it and see if the details from their contact form are coming through on their emails properly
And they certainly don’t test to see that the email being sent to their inbox. This is a big problem with new website website owners.

The second thing that I’m seeing is that new website owners are not testing their websites on multiple devices. For example when you’ve got a new website or you bought a theme for WordPress or whatever it might be. All new website owners need to take their websites and test them in all mobile devices.

If you have a Samsung phone, fine check the website there if your friend has an iPhone phone check the website there, if you’ve got an iPad or some other form of pad check the website on all devices.

I’ve seen it often that some websites work fantastic on some devices and on others there’s a different Coding, the main menu might not work or the logos are the different position or you’re missing something.

From the usability perspective they want to see, they want to know that everything on your site that you’re presenting is working properly. This helps to build trust with your brand. If we don’t have menu’s working properly the website naturally receives a very large bounce rate out of the website back into the search results looking for a product that they know is going to both work and solve their problems.

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