Yotta Interview On How To Grow Your Instagram

Bastian Yotta billionaire, playboy and software developer speaks exclusively to us about how to grow your Instagram account from zero to seven hundred thousand plus followers let’s get started.   So let’s talk about how to gain real Instagram followers rule number one you have to switch your private account into a business

9 Twitter Marketing Secrets To Take Your Business To The Next Level

The latest statistics reveal that more than 42% of Twitter users follow brands. That’s good news for anyone who wants to take hi/her business to the next level without spending a fortune on advertising. In fact, Twitter is one of the most effective as well as an affordable marketing tool for businesses in

Grow Your Email List Using LinkedIn

It’s pretty easy. You log into your account, go to My Network -> Connections, and then look for the “manage your synced and imported contacts”   Now, as you may have guessed, I’m writing this article because I don’t want you to take this list of contacts and import them into MailChimp. That

How To Increase Your Profits Fast With SEO Or SEM

If you have been looking at the online marketing industry for at least a couple of months, you may have already heard of the terms – SEO, SEM or PPC. In fact, these concepts often become confused. What are they? what one do you need? What will have the best affect for your

How To Start Marketing Your Instagram Account

Hi everyone I’m Rod Davies and welcome back to another 120. Today I want to talk to you about starting to market an Instagram account. So yesterday I had a conversation with a colleague of mine who had started their own Instagram account that made I think 20 posts. Nobody was following and