Digital Marketing Audits Explained

Accountability is very important when it comes to whatever profession out there. In fact, a doctor is accountable for the diagnosis he/she makes. Likewise, a marketer is accountable for the strategies he/she implements to promote their products or services online.   A good first step in keeping in touch with the primary goals

Building Successful Websites Ready For Mobile Devices

Hey everyone, I’m Rod Davies the PromoteSEO expert. Today I want to talk to you about new websites and in particular testing them on mobile devices before you give them to the public. What I often see is a lot of new website owners coming to us, asking us to get them ranked

Top 7 SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important things that you can do for your website and business in today’s marketplace. It is a well known technique that involves optimizing your website both; internally and externally in order to increase the visibility and rankings on the search engines like; Google, Bing,

Google’s Search Ranking Algorithm

Google’s search ranking algorithm has always been very mysterious. People in the field of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, have been trying to reverse engineer its inner workings for years, with only limited success. Most people do not know the first thing about Google’s search algorithm, and it turns out there

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Indeed tablets and smartphones have revolutionized the way people access information. These days people consume a remarkable number of information or news through their portable devices. Moreover, publishers all over the world have optimized their websites to support different mobile devices are they are browsing through. However, the experience can often leave a