9 Twitter Marketing Secrets To Take Your Business To The Next Level

The latest statistics reveal that more than 42% of Twitter users follow brands. That’s good news for anyone who wants to take hi/her business to the next level without spending a fortune on advertising. In fact, Twitter is one of the most effective as well as an affordable marketing tool for businesses in this day and age. You need to take advantage of this hugely popular social media platform to take your business to the next level. Here are 9 Twitter marketing secrets that you can use to promote your business.

1. Lead generation cards are some of the most popular ways to attract highly targeted traffic to your business. Although landing pages and links are great ways to get people to your site, they take much longer compared to lead generation cards offered by Twitter. These cards allow the business to capture the email address and Twitter account of the potential client. Twitter leads have a 45% higher click through rate compared to other types of leads. This was revealed in the latest survey conducted by the company. On the other hand, lead generation cards are much easier and simple to set up.

2. The Twitter Chats have become quite popular with many businesses these days. A Twitter Chat is where a group of people in the same niche gets together. Take advantage of such opportunities to talk about your business. But you should refrain from blatantly promoting your business on these chats. Make sure you connect with the prospects with helpful comments at first. If you can make a valid contribution to the chat by way of providing valuable relevant to the topic, you will get a chance of promoting your business indirectly to the potential customers. This is an important secret of the 9 Twitter marketing secrets.

3. You should use the right Hashtags when promoting your business on Twitter. There are many tools such as “RiteTag” which will tell your how many times your hashtag is getting Tweeted. Twitter’s analytics platform will show you the number of impressions received by your hashtag. This will show you which hashtags should be used to get you noticed.

4. Using keywords in your tweets is also quite important to improve the number of visitors to your business. Keywords have always been important when promoting any form of content on the net. First, you should make a list of the keywords that best describe your business and niche. Use these words in your Twitter posts. You should aim for quality over quantity when promoting your business. Quality content is more important these days than any time in the past.

5. Sharing links to useful content is another important secret of the 9 Twitter marketing secrets. This helps retain your followers on your Twitter profiles. If you want to grow your fan base, you need to share more links with them.

6. Sharing your content more than once is also important when using Twitter marketing for your business. In fact, not all followers will be on Twitter at all times or at the same time. Most people will not visit your profiles even if they have missed a particular post. That’s why it is important to share your posts more than once. The latest statistics reveal that your second post will receive 86% more engagement than it was shared for the first time. There is an added advantage with sharing your post more than once. That is, you can change the text and images each time you share the post to compare the performance. That will help you get a better idea of which post gives you the best engagement from your visitors. That’s why you need to make it a point to promote your posts more than once.

7. You need to tweet at optimal times where most of your audience can engage with the post. You should have a good idea of what your audience is doing at that particular time before tweeting your posts. Do some research and find the best time to engage the most number of followers. In fact, SocialBroís Best Time To Tweet tool is a great method to dig deeper into the behavioral patterns of your audience. This will help improve the engagement of your followers.

8. Optimizing your Twitter profile is another important secret to take your business to the next level. In fact, there are instances where people will find your Twitter profile on their own accord. That’s why it is important that you optimize your profile for the search engines. Make sure your Twitter profile is up-to-date with all the images and text intact. You should weave in key industry terms for people in your industry to easily find your profile.

9. Cultivate relationships using your Twitter profiles. Make sure you thank the follower if he or she tweets something that you have shared. That’s the way to build a sound relationship with your clients. Get to know more about the followers who have volunteered to become a part of your team. Business is all about relationships after all.

In conclusion, Twitter is one of the most effective marketing tools to promote your business and take it to the next level. The aforementioned read offers information on nine Twitter marketing secrets that you can use right now to take your business to the next level.

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